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The Next Big Thing

We're Moving

We are honored and blessed to be the number one choice for so many businesses and consumers along The Emerald Coast. Because of your support, we are expanding to keep up with demand. This is a really exciting moment for all of us at A World Of Signs.

Our new location will be right down the road to the old International Lounge, but not before a major overhaul. Right now we are doing some cleaning, painting, repairs, the works. Once we are done getting the building ready, we'll be moving. We will make another announcement once we make the actual move.

Out With The Old

Our new location will be in a location that might be considered historic, depending on who you ask. The building we're moving into is the old International Lounge. Previously it was home to Z's, a place that hosted many excellent local rock shows over the years. Just like people though, non-stop partying and rivers of booze can really take a toll. This building needs some TLC.

In With The New

Once we're done refurbishing the existing building, we'll be setting up shop and moving our office location to the new address, 32 Eglin Pkwy NE. Parking will be in the rear of the building, accessible by Mc Griff St NE. The banner pictured above is posted on Mc Griff, just behind Palm Eye Care on Eglin Pkwy, and will direct you to our new parking and office entrance.

Building The Future

Not too long after we move into our new location, we are planning on a multi-stage development project. A World Of Signs will be opening a cutting edge facility behind our new home on Eglin Pkwy in downtown Fort Walton Beach. Without giving too much detail, the new development will improve parking conditions and greatly improve the curb appeal, helping to revitalize an aging part of our downtown area.

We are proud of our home town and we consider it a privilege to do our part in making this a great community. We have a lot more we want to share with you about our upcoming plans and opportunities. Keep up with our blog or subscribe to stay in the loop.

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